MMXXII | Volume 1:1

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Front Matter 2022 Volume 1:1


Amara Esther CHIMAKONAMJohn Austin’s Idea of Law: Towards a Philosophical Reconsideration of Sharia Law in The Nigerian Constitution —– 1-9


Toyin FALOLA – Faith, Fact and Fiction —– 10-41


CP HERTOGHI Have a Dream – On the Deductive Force of Logic in Politics —– 42-56


Sylvia TAMALE Challenging the Coloniality of Sex, Gender and Sexuality —–57-79


Akwanga Yusuf BELLO Appraising Frantz Fanon’s Contributions to Liberation Struggles in Africa —– 80-91


Helen N. OBILOR, Uche S. ODOZOR, Jamie L. DICASMIRRO, Pilar C. PLAZASPhilosophical Perspectives on Improving Chronic Disease Self-Management: Implications for Healthcare Practice in Africa —– 92-107


Teodros KIROS Zara Yacob and The Rationality of the Human Heart —–108-111