Submission Guidelines

The Submission Process

Author(s) should prepare their manuscript(s) for blind peer review excluding any information about the Author(s). The manuscript should be along with a brief cover letter to formally inform the Editor of the Author’s interest/consent to publish the manuscript in Intellectus, and clearly state that the submitted article is unpublished (either in print or electronically) and not under consideration for publication in any other journal. The cover letter must include the names, affiliations, and the contact details of the corresponding Author first and any other Author(s).

Manuscript Preparation Guideline [Download PDF]

Abstract and Keywords

The manuscript should have an abstract of 200-250 words and a list of 6 (six) keywords. Both the Abstract and Keywords should be in English language.

Text Layout

Submissions to Intellectus should be 7000 words (maximum) in length and be prepared according to the following style:

The layout should be simple, and of a consistent style in terms of font, headings, paragraphs, and spacing.

Articles should be typewritten using Times New Roman 12pt and should be justified. All headings should be formatted as bold, left indented with double spacing above and a single space below.

The headings should have a continuous numbering starting with ‘0’ for the ‘Introduction’ (i.e., 0. Introduction, 1. Heading A, 2. Heading B etc.), the sub-headings and sub-sub-headings should be numbered accordingly (e.g., as 1.1, or 2.1.1 etc.).

The first line of every paragraph should be indented. There must be minimal use of underlining, italics, upper and lowercase letters. Non-English terms, emphasis, and title of any material should be set in italics rather than underlined. Intellectus follows the British style of quotation, which means single quotation marks are for dialogue and quoted materials in the text, while double quotation marks are for quotes inside quotes. In addition, all quoted texts that are longer than three lines (about fifty words) should be consistently indented, with a single space between the previous texts and between the consequent texts.

Any image contained in the manuscript should be forwarded separately, along with the submission, in jpg format and not more than 70 KB in size.

Note that every submission must be accompanied with a Cover letter.


Authors should use the Chicago Manual of Style Author-Date system for the reference list entry.

Please visit the Chicago Manual of Citation Website and click on the Author-Date tab for more details.

Language Version

Authors are to use either the UK or US version of the English language, but maintain a strict consistency to one of the two versions.

Additional Information in the Article

The Author is free to notify the Editor of any important information, especially acknowledgments, that should be included in the accepted article.