Journal Policy

Editorial and Publishing Policies

Submission Policies
When you submit a manuscript to Intellectus, it implies that the manuscript has not already been published or submitted elsewhere. Authors should not submit their manuscript(s) elsewhere while it is being considered for publication at Intellectus. If the author wants to include personal communications in their manuscript, the author should provide a statement of permission from any person who is quoted. Permission via email is satisfactory.
The Editorial Board has decided to waive the processing fees for any submitted manuscript; however, authors are to pay a publication fee that will be communicated along with the means of payment via email. Authors should kindly note that the publication fee is for the maintenance of the publication platform, and for the continuation of the InteM services.

License Agreement and Author Copyright
Publications by Intellectus are made under a CC BY license (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License) to permit maximum dissemination and re-use of open access materials.
Users are thereby free to share (copy, distribute and transmit) and remix (adapt) the contribution including for commercial purposes, providing they attribute the contribution in the manner specified by the author or licensor (you can have further details on the legal code here).
Pending possible change of events, Intelletus is currently running on a bi-annual publication frequency with one volume and two issues per year.

It is against the publication ethics of Intellectus to accept papers with plagiarism concerns. As such, all authors are having the moral duty to avoid ANY form of plagiarism as all submitted manuscripts would undergo plagiarism scan, and they would be rejected if considered plagiarism positive.
For more information on plagiarism, please check here

The review process is thoroughly confidential and there is no discussion of manuscripts with external individuals, especially who are in no way concerned with the processing of the manuscripts.

We are dedicated to a quick, reliable and efficient publication process. We thereby encourage our reviewers to maintain a speedy and efficient review within two to three weeks of receiving the manuscripts. If for any reason there would be a delay, the authors would receive relevant information concerning such development as soon as possible.

The identities of the authors and the reviewers remain anonymous. The authors do not have the details of the reviewers and vice versa because we strictly follow a double-blind review process.

Peer-review Policies
Once submitted, your manuscript will undergo an initial evaluation to verify if it adheres with the Manuscript Preparation Guideline. Manuscripts that adhere to the Manuscript Preparation Guideline will be considered for a double-blind peer review. The review process will be completed following the decision(s) of the reviewers. The following are potential decisions for the reviewed manuscripts:

Outright Acceptance (OA): The manuscript is considered acceptable for publication.
Needing Minor Revision (NMR): The author needs to revise their manuscript to address specific concerns.
Requiring Major Revision (RMR): The author should revise their manuscript to address significant concerns and perhaps undertake additional work.
Outright Rejection (OR): The manuscript is considered unworthy of publication in Intellectus. Authors are free to appeal a rejection decision, and the Editorial Board is having the right to make the final decision on the appeal.

In case there are no editorial issues or they are well resolved, the manuscript will be formally accepted for publication. The author will receive a formal notice of acceptance, but the received date will be the date on which the original submission meets the editorial requirements of Intellectus. Authors cannot withdraw their interest to publish their manuscripts with Intellectus if decisions to publish the manuscripts are already available.
Note that the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject a manuscript even after its acceptance for publication, especially if it becomes apparent that there are serious problems with its content, or that the manuscript is in violation of our policies.


Note that the Editorial and publishing policies are subject to review with or without notice. Authors are encouraged to acquaint themselves with any possible update.